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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Welfare + Healthcare = unhappy taxpayers

Lets face it, people are getting welfare and healthcare and they don't really need it. We need to limit how much money we just hand out. There are millions of people getting welfare that are perfectly able to get a job. Healthcare is no better, John Kerry wanted to give Healthcare to every single person in america. That means rapists can get free viagra mind you.

Now before you judge me I want you to know that welfare and healthcare are great, when you absolutly need it.

The people that should be getting welfare are people with mental or physical disabilities. The people that should be getting healthcare are people with diseases, severe injuries, or old age.

Why do I want this done? Less people will be sitting on their butt eating chips and watching law and order while getting money handed to them, they will be working for that money. And YOU the taxpayer will have the extra money you needed to buy that shiny red Camero.


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