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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Homeland Security: are they doing anything?

Tightening our borders are far more important than you may think. For one, millions of Mexicans come to America illegally. You may be thinking "that's a good thing, they are working here" Sure your right they are working here, but there's more to it than that. These illegals are getting tons of money from the government, 10 billion a year to be exact. And of course this money comes from our taxpayers. The Mexicans have figured this all out, they're actually sneaking into America and bringing back money! I call that stealing, I have no idea what they call it but the Mexican government are supporting it, they actually give out booklets on how to get across the border, how to get money and it goes on. This is big, but Bush of course is just sitting in his summer house worrying about nothing more than Cindy Sheehan making him look bad.
But that is not all. If the Mexicans can get through our borders so easily what makes you think the terrorists can't? I've got something to tell you, they're already here! They're just sitting there with their nail bombs waiting for the right moment to kill. My speculation is that if we pull out of Iraq, the terrorists will get the message that we are week and they will kill our people! They could do it pretty easily too if we just leave the borders open like this!


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