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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My interview with God

Note: this article is a work of fiction, and is intended for humorous purposes. If anybody is offended I apologize in advance.

Cody: God, is it true you are responsible for hurricane Katrina?

God: Yeah it was me.

Cody: So who were you mad at then? gays, abortion doctors? an ex-girlfriend perhaps?

God: Nah, I just think hurricanes look cool.

Cody: oh...right.

God: oh come on! You never had a cyclone in a tube kit as a kid?

Cody: Anyways, is there anything that you don't approve of in todays society?

God: Santa. That fat ba**ard has been stealing the spotligt at Jesus's B-day for too long.

Cody: So what political party would you say you belong to?

God: Politics? I've been too busy playing Grand Theft Auto on my PS2 to get into politics.

Cody: any last words God?

God: yeah, make sure you buy my book, it's a bestseller! It's called the Bible if you didn't know.


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