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Monday, November 21, 2005

Why the Anti-Decision Centrists are Hurting America

For a long time I have been against what the Liberals are doing, but just recently I've been more concerned with what the Centrists are doing, and not doing.

But there are two different kinds of Centrists, one that I don't have a problem with. Most Centrists call themselves Centrists because they agree with the Liberals on some thing and the Conservatives on others. People like John McCain. But then there are the Anti-Decision Centrists (and the Reform Party).

These Anti-Decision (Reform Party) Centrists will hate the left no matter what, they will hate the right no matter what. They will hate any politician no matter what. They will hate any administration, any government, government program, government agency. They hate everything about the country that a politician has talked about. If a politician talked about Microsoft, they would hate Microsoft. If a politician talked about French fries, they would hate French fries.

Why? There is no valid reason for all of the hate, other than the fact that partisanship may be involved.

So what's so bad about partisanship? Do you know what America would be like without partisanship? Can you think of anything? Probably not and there is a reason for that. If nobody believed in anything, we wouldn't be America. We would be an extension of Engand where what the king said goes and there would be no opposition to him because there would be no other opinions or beliefs.

How do they get away with all of this hate you might ask? Simple, they say they will reform everything.

But there is a problem with that concept. They will try with all of their might to deal with issues that no one has taken a side on because they refuse to be partisan.

So they aren't really left with much to reform are they.

They can't touch the economy because that would be partisan. They can't touch any social issues because that would be partisan. And the list goes on and on.

They will only reform things that will make both the left and right happy, so what are they left with?

Federal deficit (both sides agree here)
National debt (both sides agree here too)
Term limits (Not worth the time to take sides on)
Campaign finance reform (less money spent on campaigns, no complaints here)

Now believe me when I say it, that is all they want to work on. Of course those are good things to reform, but you can't ignore other issues. Economics, social, security, foreign policy, and just about every other issue you can think about. The only things they will make decisions on is spend less and change term limits. Hello guys, if you want to be part of the government you are going to have to tackle a lot more than that.

That is why we can't let these people get into the government. We can't give power to people who won't do anything with it, it's like giving a CD player to a deaf person. Pointless. But unlike the deaf person with a CD player, these people have the responsibility to help the people and they won't do it. There's something wrong with that!

So whether you're a Liberal, Democrat, Conservative, Republican, Libertarian, Greenist, Constitutionist, or just an Independent, please don't support the Reform Party. Reform sounds great, so does money. You could ask for Reform and get 4 issues fixed. And you could ask for money and get a quarter. Both ways you are dissapointed.

Say no to the Reform Party.


  • At 23/11/05 1:56 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Yeeehaw Cody! This is one of your best posts.... possibly your best! Good points and excellent writing throughout. It's easy to see you put a lot of forthought and time into it.

    And I couldn't agree with you more if I had written it myself.


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