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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Iraq, Iran, and People who can't keep Secrets

I know many Americans are cheering on the success in Iraq as voting goes better than expected, and I stand with them, but I still have a few deep concerns regarding the Middle East that I want to explain.

My first concern is that we make too much of our military strategies public. Of course you've heard me ramble about the NSA story for far too long and you know that I think that was unacceptable, but we have other things being disclosed by the Pentagon itself that in an almost un-noticeable way is just as bad. The one I've had the most problem is the announcement of troop reduction. Now don't get me wrong, I think they are making the right decision to reduce the troop amount when we near the end of the war, but I don't think the information should be disclosed. Why you ask? A few reasons. First, terrorist Al-Zarqawi saw the move as a weakness and called it a victory for Al-Qaeda. Remember when I told you how pulling troops out would give the message to the terrorists we were weak? I'll pull the quotes right out of an older article of mine to show you.

From the article "What do they Want? What can we Do?" 11/14/05

"As I've said before, if we just cut and run from the wars we are in the terrorists will view us as weak and they will want to remind us why we left by means of terrorism."

My prediction wasn't too far off either. Not long after the announcement of troop reduction we had the most bloody day in Iraq with over 100 deaths. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Now I repeat, I have no problem with troop reduction, I just think announcing it was a bad move.

My next concern is about the Iraqi election, and it relates to our problems with Iran.

As well as the elections went, it's looking like we will be seeing Shiite Iraqis take the government, and it may not be so great for us.

Lets elaborate a little. We're giving government power to Shiites, now where this involves Iran is the fact that the majority of Iran is made up of Shiite Muslims. Iran right now is building nuclear weapons and threatening countries like Israel and the U.S. . One of two scenarios could happen, I'll give the good one first.

If things go better than I expect then the Shiites of Iraq will hate the Iranian president even though he's a Shiite. That is a possibility because a lot of Iranians don't like their president. In this scenario, if we had to go to war with Iran (god forbid) the Iraq government wouldn't stab us in the back.

If things don't work out that way then we are in a bad situation, let me explain. When (not if) Iran has prepared their nuclear stockpile they will most likely use it. Why? They have been buying nuclear materials from Russia so my guess is that instead of selling them, they will be using them. And the president has expressed hate toward America and Israel. With that problem we would be left with a choice. Go to war with Iran and see Iraq implode from an uproar in insurgency and a new non-democratic government. Or stay in Iraq and watch Iran "wipe Israel off the map." The only solution to this problem is one I can't see happening, and that's to see another country go to war with Iran. Sure the Canadians complain about us being the world police, but now that someone else has to pick up the tab, maybe they'll have a new respect for our obligation. Or maybe they'll just hate America whether we protect them or not. Then we've got the U.N., the people who are supposed to be the world police, but never actually take up the job. Will they do what they were made to do or will they expect America to do their job again. The only country I could see invading Iran would be Britain, and I'm not even sure if their army would be enough for a country as bad as Iran.

Now judging by my paragraph lengths, even a staunch optimist would say the glass is one quarter full, but I can't give up my faith in the military and the Iraqi people now, no matter how hard things go. This war is far too important to give up on.

Unfortunately our politicians haven't brought up this issue. An issue that could lead to more death than anyone wants. Like the politicians care about these Hitler wanna-be's in the Middle East. They are far too concerned with Alito's opposition to a womans right to choose. I guess I fail to see why your right to choose still matters when someone is aiming a missile at you. You just wait until Iran and (Mother) Russia decide to abort America, (without parental consent mind you) then maybe things will change.


  • At 11/1/06 1:09 PM, Blogger Mary Ann said…

    Agreed here. The Politicians have their priorities seriously mixed up.

  • At 11/1/06 4:15 PM, Blogger Robert M. said…

    Of course they do. Its power over what's right. Their mentality? "The world could be a big atomic fireball (I refer to Iran) but so what? Hillary could be president in '08!"

  • At 11/1/06 6:26 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Excellent post Cody! Where have you been?

    I think our "Blog America" blog is dying from lack of attention.

  • At 11/1/06 7:38 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    Excellent post Cody! Where have you been?

    Recharging the battery that is my brain. Now that I've spent 11 days resting I think I'll be able to get back in gear. Abramoff, Alito, and Iran will all get recognized in the coming days.

    I think our "Blog America" blog is dying from lack of attention.

    Well, I don't think I can handle two blogs so I would suggest letting it die a quick and painless death rather than a series of brief spasms. Not that I'm for euthanasia or anything, but I don't think anyones got the motivation to continue posting there.

    But that's just my opinion.

  • At 11/1/06 10:30 PM, Blogger Mary Ann said…

    "So what? Hillary could be president in '08!"

    Yeah, and Alito might be against abortion! Who cares about the world? Who cares if we get nuked? What about the womens' right to choose?!!

    Oh, sorry - I think Dianne Feinstein just took over my keyboard for a minute there.


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