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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Terrorism 101

You may think you know what terrorism is, but I've noticed that many people have yet to understand it's true concept.

The goal of a terrorist is not to in fact kill as many people as possible, the goal is to strike fear into as many people as possible. They only have to kill one person to scare millions and it's working on us. They don't need to kill us all to beat us. They only have to scare us to beat us.

Look at what they are doing with the War in Iraq. The terrorists try to kill about one person on a daily bases until people are so frightened they give up. And it's working. There actually aren't many terrorists in this world and they know that if they were in a guerrilla war they would lose. They are outnumbered. So they fight the war as cowards. They hide from the troops, pick one soldier off and leave. The news crew comes in, reports it and millions of people become scared, so scared they think we're actually losing this war and need to leave before we finish. We would actually be less scared if they killed 2000 of us in one week than if they spread it out for two years. Again, they only have to kill one to scare millions.

People seem to forget that we are in a war and not only that but one with the least amount of deaths ever! As much as I hate to see a soldier die in battle I know what happens in wars. People die. But with this war people fail to understand that if we leave now the 20 million Iraqis are at risk of dying too. We have to finish.

Their best tactic is terror and it seems to be one that we have a hard time overcoming. And now every one of our enemies in the world knows that all it takes for them to win is to kill 2000 people and they'll give up.

So what do can we do to overcome our weak point? A few things.

First there are some people that need to immediately pull out of Iraq. No, not the soldiers, the journalists. They write a story about every single death there is. Imagine what it would be like if that happen during WWII when we were against the Nazi's. Every time a Jew was gassed or an American was shot it would be headline news. The American people would think we were in over our heads and should get out before more people die. Then we would pull out and Hitler would succeed in killing every single Jew. More people would have died. That's what could happen here. We could finish the war, saving 20 million Iraqis from an evil dictatorship so they can live in peace. Or we can pull out and watch the Democracy crumble as an Anarchy emerges. If they're lucky someone would stand up as the new dictator stopping the chaos, but continuing the killings and we would be back at square one.

Next we need to stop being scared. We need to realize that we outnumber them, we are winning and the only thing they're winning is the media war. But without the journalists they won't even have that. No longer will we be afraid of an attack because we know the cowards wouldn't stand a chance with us based in the middle of the middle east. We will not say terrorists in fear, we will say it and chuckle, say how pathetic are they anyways. Laugh right at them when they think their cowardly tactics will work. Show them that they can't scare us, they can't terrorize us, and they can't beat us. They will know that they no longer have an upper hand. They can't manipulate the media, terrorize us into losing the war, or even be feared. Just laughed at.

Finally we need to scare them, not by their means because that is in-human, but scare them nonetheless. First we will send more troops into Iraq complete with armored tanks, RPG's, missile bearing helicopters and jets, Snipers, and the like. They're already outnumbered, so lets really show them what we've got. Next we will continue to humiliate captured terrorists in Abu Ghraib and send the photos to Al Jezeera to be shown to the other terrorists on TV. They will turn on their television every night to see photos of terrorists with panties on their head, lipstick, shaven legs, turd smeared on their face and just about every other non-violent way of humiliating the few captured and it will actually scare the terrorists who watch it.

When will all of this happen? As soon as everyone in America understands the things I've talked about and agrees with it. We can't have people out there protesting the war, the media making it look like we're loosing and us not fighting to the best of our ability.

We can beat these terrorists, the first step is to stop being scared of them.


  • At 4/12/05 2:21 PM, Blogger Robert M. said…

    Been listening to Rusty eh? You're right, people don't get it. The media is falling right into the trap by "exposing" things like Abu Ghraib. They put us all in danger.

  • At 4/12/05 4:17 PM, Blogger PlaidBaron said…

    See, that's all the terrorists CAN do. They can't afford to do anything of a large scale.(Exception of (9/11 and London Bombing but 9/11 was when we didn't kick thier butts yet.)

  • At 4/12/05 4:31 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    Been listening to Rusty eh?

    That and I'm trying to help people like allisoni baloni get it (just read some of the comments two posts down)

  • At 4/12/05 5:01 PM, Blogger Robert M. said…

    Yeah, I realize that. She calls us sick when she supports them having the same rights as Americans. Its nuts.

    *This comment can and will be used against me by liberals.


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