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Friday, December 02, 2005

Just me talking about stuff, like usual

I don't really have anything in particular that I want to talk about so I'll just go off on a rant and see where it goes I guess.

Bush's speeches

Well, Bush had two speeches and I'm frankly disappointed by both of them. The first, on illegal immigration sounds nice, but it's just lip-service, what we're really getting is the guest-worker program giving Mexicans MORE of a reason to come here. With the second speech he discussed the war in Iraq. Not much new here. Stay the course, stay the course, stay the course. Nothing new, more of the same boring stay the course. I wish I could be Bush's speech writer, I could help this president really make the case for war, why we're there, what we're doing, what's our goals, instead of simply stay the course.

Have a PC, PC (censored)mas

As Christmas nears so does the "secular" movement. Secular is the politically correct term, try commies. These guys are really going over the line now. It would be one thing to have an all or nothing policy with celebrations but that's not the case. It's just Christmas.

Right here in Maine the Liberals (mainly the MCLU) have struck. In Portland they put up the Christmas tree but it had to be changed to the holiday tree, yet right down the street they erected a large Menorah which got no attention by the Liberals. Separation of Church and State or a direct attack on Christianity, you tell me.

Bill Clinton

I'm sorry but after eight years of this guy I don't want to hear from him anymore. He's spent the last month or so attacking the war in Iraq and the president just so he can make sure he has a good legacy. Got news for you buddy, your term is up and your puppet master (Hillary) won't ever become the president. You had your chance to take on terror and you let us down, a few times actually, so don't slam the president when he's doing the job you should have done nearly a decade ago!

John Kerry

John Kerry last week (paraphrased)
"I think we need to send more troops into Iraq so we can win this war,"

John Kerry this week (paraphrased)
"We need to pull our troops out of Iraq,"

Oh just shut up Kerry!

Joe Lieberman

As much as his name suggests he is the only Democrat who isn't lying right now. He went to Iraq and when he came back he told the truth, he told us about our success in Iraq instead of thinking he had to do what all of the Democrats are doing. Thanks for doing what's right Joe, instead of what's Democrat, good job!

See guys success in the War in Iraq is not a Republican conspiracy!

John Murtha

If his face doesn't scare you enough his crazy ideas will! Don't feel you have to pull your punches with this guy because he's a war hero, he's not pulling any punches on us.

Why does this guy get all of the publicity anyways, what about the war hero's who do support the war and don't think the U.S. military is "broken".


They love the mentally disabled Liberals but don't care about the sane. They'll put on Sheehan every chance they get but will refuse to show the other side. They'll show the bad and not the good. What do you call all of this, I call it treason. Enough said.

Cindy Sheehan

She still won't go away. She's got a new book out called "not one more mothers child,"

Lets see if it's about Casey or Republicans...

"The American Imperialists have a long and bloody history of occupying countries that never attacked us, whether it was Germany (those kikes were asking for it), Viet Nam (Jane Fonda is my idol) or Afghanistan (9/11 was an inside job), the United States has brought nothing but death and destruction to trillions of kite-flying children. It is my solemn hope that one day we will all be able to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, because it is then and only then that this illegal war on poor, innocent freedom fighters will end!"

"Rather than leave the so-called "looters" to finding the big-screen televisions and bling that they so sorely needed in peace, our Dictator-in-Chief (who was selected and not elected) sent in his jackbooted thugs to "restore order" and "distribute vital food and supplies." Those filthy RethugliKKKans claim to be for equal rights, when we all know damn well that they are trying to sabotage the legacy of the late, great civil-rights crusader Margaret Sanger!"

Grieving mother or crazed bigot, you tell me.

Howard Dean

Never mind, I'm sick of the guy. He went on Lettermans' show and Bashed Joe Lieberman for telling the truth about Iraq. Sickening...


Now to be referred to as "lefty-loosies". Their heads have screwed off and their brains have fallen out. You can call them lie-mongers if you prefer that more. I'm open-minded to any new anti-Liberal insults by the way.

Quotes by me

"The only agenda the Liberals have is to attack the Conservative's agenda,"

"I'm pro-choice on a lot of things, abortion isn't one of them,"

"Liberal ideas is an oxy-moron,"

"If Liberal=X and Moron=X Liberal=Moron,"

"whitey is on your side, it's the Chinese that are oppressing all of us,"

"Howard Dean is a moron,"

--Cody O'Connor

XM Radio

I'm getting it for Christmas and I can't wait. Now I'll get more Conservative talk radio than ever!

Have a nice weekend and a nice Christmas season!


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