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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately Bush's Thanksgiving might not be as happy.

That's right, upon going back to his ranch in Crawford for Thanksgiving, media whore Cindy Sheehan followed. Her protest will go on for Bush's full Thanksgiving break. Bush will be inside his Ranch eating turkey and cranberry sauce while Cindy media whore Sheehan sits outside protesting.

This is just getting to the point where I just wish the media would give her the bird and cover something important. She was a grieving mother a few years ago, not any more, now she is just a radical anti-war nut who won't go away.

Of all the times she could protest, why does it have to be on Thanksgiving? Why can't Bush spend time with his family like every other person in America, without people protesting you.

What's next, is she going to protest when Bush comes home for Christmas too? Is she really that bad, I think so. So of course she is trying her hardest to ruin the holiday for Bush, but what about her family? Is a protest more important than time with your family? To her it must be. That's why she can't be called a grieving mother, if she really cared about her family she would be having Thanksgiving with her family.

Don't fall for her trap anymore, she's only using her son now, yet she was doing that from the beginning. Protesting during Thanksgiving only proves that politics is more important than family and no one is going to make me feel different.

Every time she protested and something came up I said this has got to be the final blow, but she jut kept coming back, thanks to her support from and the near-traitorous media.

So I've been thinking, what could make her stop, what really would be the final blow? Simple. All Bush needs to do is welcome her in for Thanksgiving dinner, hug her a few times, maybe even cry and send her on her way. After that she could never get away with the things she called him and it really would be the end for her.

Getting into the Thanksgiving spirit, maybe we should list a few things us Conservatives are thankful for.

A president who has the balls to take on terrorism no matter what the left or the UN says about it.

The success in the wars (don't listen to what the media tells you)

Tom Delay may get his job back

Scooter may get his job back

Liberal shills are being exposed (thanks to phantom driver)

Talk Radio (I'd go crazy without it)

Fox News (except for Greta Van Susteern who is STILL talking about Scott Peterson)

Sanity (something Howard Dean will never have) (It gave regular people a voice to the public)


And lastly we should all be thankful for Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving and for those who don't celebrate thanksgiving, have a happy holidayless day off (how's that for PC?)

See ya!


  • At 23/11/05 9:34 PM, Blogger Robosquirrel said…

    Interestingly, her little group was arrested today. Funny how no one cares, isn't it? They must be a sad and lonely bunch to want to spend this time of togetherness and gratitude in a ditch on the side of road in the middle of nowhere in Texas. They'll probably enjoy themselves more in jail.

    I don't think this will affect the President's Thanksgiving, he just lets this kind of thing roll right off him.

  • At 23/11/05 9:50 PM, Blogger Robert M. said…

    My addition to the list: America and its military.

  • At 23/11/05 9:54 PM, Blogger PlaidBaron said…

    It just amazes me how some people will go out to ruin someones holiday just to protest. It's ridiculous. I just can't believe it!

  • At 23/11/05 10:02 PM, Blogger PlaidBaron said…

    But on a happier note: Happy Thanksgiving.


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