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Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm It

I recently got tagged by Rebekah and if you haven't been living in a cave you should know what that means by now. But for those who don't I'll just go over the rules of the game real quickly.

Here are the rules of the game. When you are tagged you must blog about 5 oddball habits that you have, then you must tag 5 more people.

Here it goes:

1) I have obsessive compulsive disorder but at the same time I'm a lazy procrastinator. I'll find myself doing stupid things like straightening the remote to a perfect 90 degrees and putting it parallel to the magazines, but when it comes to things like my room it's a mess because I'm too lazy to take the time to clean it up. The only time I'm truly OCD is when I'm doing something that takes no energy like playing a video game. But with something bigger like a writing, animation, or even a homework assignment I'll start it but won't be able to finish it sometimes.

2) I'm a proud Republican, a little too proud. Sometimes I go to school and wear a large badge on my shirt with the Republican elephant. Once I put two Republican elephant stickers on my shirt and told random people (that I didn't know) that I had elephant nipples. Not only is this fun but it brings out the left wingers who say the funniest things (I'm not making these up)

"Republicans are dumb f**kers,"
My response: I would never do a moron, or a Democrat for that matter

"Republicans have no morals,"
My response: Clinton was a Democrat you know

"Why don't you care about global warming?"
My response: because it's freakin' freezing

"The whole government are Nazi's,"
My response: Wow, thanks. You have just enlightened me with an amazing fact, that would be left unknown if it wasn't for you.

"so have you found the light yet?"
My response: yeah, have you?

"Democrats are for the little people,"
My response: I think I heard you wrong. I think what you meant to say was that the Democrats use the little people.

"At least I have a heart,"
My response: I should hope so! You can't live without one.

3) I listen to talk radio a LOT. I'm talking 7 to 8 hours a day! Of course I do other things at the same time but when I said politics was an obsession I wasn't lying!

4) Sometimes I'm shy, then other times I won't shut up. I think it mostly has to do with my current mood and setting/situation but I think it counts as being "oddball".

5) I purposely do things to tick off people who are "thug" types. I've done things like purposely bump into "thugs" and then when they call me a fag I just say laugh and say, that's the best you can come up with? You types are such morons! Another time a group of "thugs" were running from the cops and when they ran pass me I yelled HEY and when they turned around I smiled and gave them the bird. Another time I was bugging a "thug" and he said he would "mess me up" and I said, look out, this guy is going to mess me up. Then I told the person next to me in a voice he could hear, he's just scared. And another time I was talking to my friend about a video game and some "thug" said sarcastically, wow that's so cool. I respond, it's more cool than you'll ever be. As you can see I'm either brave or stupid, whichever I haven't gotten myself hurt yet and I'll still be spending time putting down the "tough guys" because it's just so fun.

So there you go, there's my 5 oddball habits. Look out because I have to tag 5 people now.


  • At 17/12/05 11:20 AM, Blogger Robert M. said…

    I got "tagged" but I think its a bit stupid. Sort of like something elementry school girls would do.

    P.S. Sorry if I've ruined anyone's fun but...

  • At 17/12/05 11:22 AM, Blogger Gayle said…

    I have the same problem Cody. I don't know whether it's "brave" or "stupid" but whichever it is, it just sort of comes out without me thinking much about it.

    This excersize was sort of fun, wasn't it?

    Most people have been tagged on this particular subject regarding five habits - I think the subject should be changed to five pet peaves. Course that would be pretty easy. My five pet peaves would probably be the same as yours:

    1. Democrats
    2. Liberal extremists
    3. The MSM
    4. Turncoat Republicans
    5. Ted Kennedy (listed all by himself because he is so far gone he's in a category by himself - as is Howard Dean.)


  • At 17/12/05 11:28 AM, Blogger Robert M. said…

    But as for the thug thing, I do that all the time. Yesterday in fact there was some big dumb guy who was teasing me about my somewhat bad complexion. Conversation:

    BDG: Have you ever had a pimple before?
    ME: Ever had a brain before?
    BDG: Well duh, if I did I wouldn't be alive.
    ME: Too bad you are.
    (Insert class laughter)

    But the best one was the time when three big dumb guys were teasing me about something or another. I told them something to the effect that I was smarter than them.

    BDG: You trying to say we're stupid?
    ME: Sigh, no I'm SAYING you're stupid.
    (Look at each other blankly.)

    So I can associeate with you on that note. Nothing to fear for the below reasons (in order).

    1. They're all cowards and can't hurt you anyway.
    2. I have an extremely sharp metal pencil (no kidding, I threw it and it stuck into wood once!) and I don't exactly faint at the notion of drawing blood.
    3. If all else fails, I run Cross Country! Big dumb people get tired easily and don't run very fast.

    In short, taking bullies down a peg is on par with a hobby for me, it lets them know that life doesn't always cater to them.

  • At 20/12/05 9:15 PM, Blogger Blagggh said…

    ...yeah, the elephant-nipple thing was a little beyond borderline-creepy.

  • At 20/12/05 9:35 PM, Blogger Blagggh said…

    Oh, by the way, when you get to a time where you're going to post some less serious stuff...don't forget our Bill O'Reilly song.


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