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Monday, May 29, 2006

If Only it Were a Memorial Week

On this Memorial day, there are three things I want to talk about. One of course, is what we're supposed to be remembering. Two, the memorial day weekend blockbusters. And three, why it's so darn hard to get to my room and type this post.

First off, is what's really important to this day, remembering those fallen soldiers who fought for this great country. From the Revolutionary war to todays Iraq war, our military has been there to protect what America stands for. The principles of freedom, democracy, liberty, in all forms. Whether it be economy, property, or even religion, it is this country, the United States of America that has been the second, but the best in giving these freedoms to all of her citizens. These amazing rights and liberties would not be able to stand if it wasn't for the military that has been here to protect them, and it is today that we honor and remember those who died protecting these principles.

Of course, Memorial is more than just that, it also plays a part in American culture for the beginning of Summer. This is the day when you open up the pools, fire up the grill, and of course go to the drive in for the Memorial day weekend movies. Well, if you know me, I've got an opinion on everything. Yes, even the Memorial day weekend movies. First off, I know more people go to the movies on this weekend, but come on, three blockbusters a comedy and a horror movie? It's too much, and there needs to be some spreading here. In most cases, all of the good movies will come out at the same time in certain times of the year, while the crap ones take up the entire rest of the year. So for about 9 out of 12 months you've got your generic horror film of the month, a remake of a remake, a low budget comedy, and possibly a computer animated flick. Not much, and to be honest, I barely watch any movies during this time period, because most of them just suck! Then you get to Memorial day weekend and boom, 5 good movies come out at the same time, and it bugs me. A regular person may watch one movie per week if that, maybe two during this week, but they won't watch five. So unless you are keen on seeing all of them and Monday through Friday is movie night, you won't be able to see them all. With the regular one movie a week deal, they will be replaced before you see them all, and you won't be able to watch them until they come out on DVD about a year down the road! And these are good movies too! I feel your pain. I've already waited too long to see Scary Movie 4, and that ones out. Now I've got three other choices for movies I really do want to see but I know I'll only will be able to see one of them. There's Mission Impossible III, X-Men III, and the Da Vinci Code. Well I think, as an agnostic I could live without a religious movie, even if Tom Hanks is in it. But MI-III and X-Men III? I don't want to see just one of them! So, there are only two solutions, extend Memorial day weekend to Memorial day week, or spread these blockbusters out a little bit.

As for my Memorial day weekend, it has been alright, but it could be better. The grill has been cooking, the sun has been shining, (yes, even in Maine) and even the smell in the air tells you what day it is. However, a little house work can be quite the distraction. This past week has been nonstop home improvment. We've painted the bathroom, fixed plumbing, replaced some flooring, and even painted the stairs. Well, painting the stairs wasn't good for me. My room happens to be on the second floor of the house, and this also happens to be the spot where the only computer is. So I thought, a few hourse without the computer won't kill me. Oops, little mistake. Apparantly someone forgot to prepare the paint so it would dry faster. So the stairs that were painted yesterday morning are stilll wet about 28 hours later. So I was stranded downstairs away from my computer for an entire day. Well, on day two, I just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out a ladder and placed it up against my porch and climed up onto the porches roof which is as high as the bottom of the second floor. From the porch I got to my bedroom window and climbed through. So there you have it, right there in print. You can say it, I'm a nut. I broke into the second floor of my own house just so I could work on my blog. You better have enjoyed this post! Have a good day off, and don't forget to remember!


  • At 29/5/06 10:59 PM, Blogger Allisoni Balloni said…

    If they're good movies, they usually stay in the theater for a good amount of time. And sometimes you just have to splurge and have a movie-going fest. Some movies are just too good to not see right away.

  • At 30/5/06 9:49 AM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Good post, Cody. I can just picture you breaking into your own house to use your computer. That's either "addiction" or "dedication"... I'm not sure which - probably both! ;)

    As far as movies go, I have no intention of watching the DaVinci code, and Tom Hanks is such a moonbat I won't watch him anymore anyway. I tried to read the DaVinci code; it was so boring I couldn't get through it. I can't imagine the movie will be much better. I'm not an agnostic though, so I find the movie, even though it is fiction, to be offensive, as I did the book. (That's another reason why I didn't finish it.) I know the movie is fiction, but it will influence some impressionable minds, and I don't believe that's a good thing.

    Did you have to climb out the window and down the ladder to get back downstairs, or did you wait until the paint dried to get something to eat? Just wondering. :)

  • At 30/5/06 6:18 PM, Blogger Allisoni Balloni said…

    One of my close adult friends has been Catholic all her life, and she thought the movie was fantastic. I haven't seen the movie and I'm just getting started on the book, but I just thought I'd throw that in there.

  • At 30/5/06 7:00 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    "Did you have to climb out the window and down the ladder to get back downstairs, or did you wait until the paint dried to get something to eat? Just wondering. :)"

    I had to go back out the window; The paint is still wet right now. (so naturally, I've broken in a few times now. lol!)

    "One of my close adult friends has been Catholic all her life, and she thought the movie was fantastic. I haven't seen the movie and I'm just getting started on the book, but I just thought I'd throw that in there."

    I won't mind watching it. I heard it's like national treasure but about religion instead of American documents and artifacts. Well, I liked national tresure so I think I could enjoy the Da Vinci code. I'll let you all know what I thought if I see it soon.

  • At 31/5/06 10:20 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    I will be interested in reading about your take on the DaVinci Code, Cody. I'm a bit curious to find out whether it is as boring as the book was, but not curious enough to watch it myself. :)

  • At 31/5/06 10:22 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 31/5/06 10:23 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Sorry, somehow my last comment was published twice, so I deleted one of them.


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