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Friday, September 16, 2005

"Under God"

I'm sure you recognize those two words from the pledge of allegiance. Well, many kids in the near future will not. For anti-American type Liberals of the world, this is their shining moment. They have succeeded in editing the pledge of allegiance in three schools, and soon many more. Even the Democrats are against this. These are my points about why this is so stupid.

1) you don't HAVE to say the pledge of allegiance if you don't want to.

2) When you say the pledge of allegiance, do you think of religion. No.

3) The pledge is in no way intended to provoke a certain religion.

4) Almost all religions believe in God anyway don't they?

5) "Under God" is not even a religious statement, it's symbolic.

So those are the reasons why this is stupid, and if you think the pledge should be edited, you're stupid.

The Pledge of allegiance is an American tradition, it defines what we are. What's next, all patriotic songs, having an American flag at your house? If these wacko extremist Liberals don't stop, we won't have America any more, we'll have a carbon copy of France, or maybe worse.

How can this be prevented? Support Judge Roberts. Because without him, the entire court system will be over-run with the left extremists who will do anything their fellow Liberals will say, whether it's right or not. If we have Judge Roberts, he will support the law and if a Liberal idiot asks him to change the Pledge, he will say,

"What? No! Get out of my court,"


  • At 16/9/05 9:31 AM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Judge Karlton has probably "stepped in it", so to speak. He has gone against a previous U.S. Supreme Court Decision. I believe it will be overturned at the California state level. If it should go before the Supreme Court, it will more than likely take months to get there. Unfortunately, Judge Brown will not sway the balance of power of the Supreme Court because he is taking the place of Judge Renquist.
    Conservative judges will not outnumber liberal judges on the Supreme Court until President Bush appoints another Conservative judge. When that happens, you will see that the nomination will not go through as easily as that of Judge Roberts. Judge Roberts will be confirmed because he is eminently qualified, but also, as I said before, he doesn't change the balance of conservatives/liberals on the Supreme Court.
    Now here is the really bad news: I have found that some conservatives, as well as liberals, and Christians as well, have a problem with the Pledge of Allegiance. Not necessarily because of the "under God" phrase, but because they feel that saying the pledge to our flag is a form of idolatry. I don't agree with this view. I'm just telling you what I have learned by discussing this issue with Christians, some members of either the Democrat or Republican party, some non-partisan.

    To me, pledging allegiance to the United States Flag is not a form of idolatry. It is a way to honor the efforts of men and women who have fought for the rights of American citizens to be free. By using the phrase "under God" in the pledge, it puts America "under God" and not over him, so it is not idolatry. Without that phrase, it does not become idolatry in my mind either, because it is a form of recognition of people who have gone before us, and it is a pledge of loyalty. We can be loyal to something without worshiping it. I am loyal to my husband, I do not worship him. I am loyal to my children, I do not worship them either. I am loyal to my church but do not worship it. I am also loyal to myself but do not worship myself. So loyalty to something is far different that worship. I worship only God, not countries, flags, or humans, dead or alive.

    I believe you understand the difference between being loyal to something versus worshiping something, but many people don't. As far as Atheists go, even though my father was one, I don't understand them and cannot comment except to wonder why they have a problem with us praying when they don't have to? Why should the "Pledge of Allegiance" in the public school system bother them? I can't answer that. I'll leave it to others who can do a better job of it.

  • At 16/9/05 9:35 AM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Oops! Did I say Judge Brown? I just got up and haven't had my first cup of coffee! I meant Judge Roberts. Don't know how a Judge Brown snuck in there! :)

  • At 16/9/05 5:08 PM, Blogger Drew said…

    See...even as a Dem, I hate nitpicking on crap like this. The phrase has been there for 50 years. Leave it alone... no one forces children to recite the pledge anymore. If this goes to the Supreme Court and doesn't get overturned, next up will be "In God We Trust" on all currency. How much would it cost to change all of our currency because it may offend 2% of the population??? Same goes with 10 Commandments in Court Houses, prayer before football games and the like. Leave tradition alone unless it harms someone else.


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