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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Some Democrats are supporting Miers and cheering her on, then the Conservatives say "wait a minute, if the Democrats like her then somethings wrong here," and they go against her.

But the Democrats don't really like Miers, because they know if she is a good friend to Bush then she will most likely go right.

So why are they supporting her you ask? They are playing a little mind game. If they support her then most likely the right will go aganist her. Since the Republicans out number the Dems, if they get them to turn against her then when the time to vote comes both the right and left will vote against her. It's a genius plan isn't it.

Well, lets not fall for it guys, I want you to support her because being a close friend to Bush she will listen to him and bring the courts to the right.

Please tell all of your Republican friends about this trick so we don't fall for it. Thanks!


  • At 8/10/05 9:17 AM, Blogger PlaidBaron said…

    Wow... It's probably the smartest thing the democrats have done all year. (This is not implying I support thier idea, I'm just saying it is a pretty smart idea.)

  • At 8/10/05 10:45 PM, Blogger gameguy22006 said…

    She thinks Bush is an intelligent man. Enough said.

  • At 9/10/05 2:13 PM, Blogger Robert M. said…

    Thanks for that clear and stimulating thought gameguy22066. (Sarcasm)

  • At 9/10/05 7:34 PM, Blogger gameguy22006 said…

    Well, right now the majority of Americans don't support Bush, much less find him to be intelligent.

  • At 9/10/05 7:48 PM, Blogger Robert M. said…

    That's why they elected him twice huh?

  • At 9/10/05 9:09 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    Usually to be president you have to be somewhat smart. Bush doesn't look like the brightest man but I'm sure he's got some brains, not to mention some terrific leadership.

  • At 10/10/05 6:54 PM, Blogger gameguy22006 said…

    AT THE MOMENT, he isn't popular. When he got elected twice, he was.

  • At 10/10/05 7:24 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    And tomorrow he will be again. The polls fluctuate worse than the weather. That's one of the reasons I don't trust them.

    Harey Reed said he liked John Roberts, too, then he voted against him. The duplicity of Democrats in Washington is no longer a surprise because it's been common practice for so long.


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