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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The World Today

The World Today is just a sick place, and nobody seems to want to do anything about it. We live in a world where the majority of Americans listen to rap music, do drugs, and have oral sex every day. And It all sickens me.

Right in my high school you can find almost everything. Everyone listens to rap music, where all they sing about is drugs, guns, hoes, and hate. They listen to this crap all day thinking it sends a good message or something. Also in my high school, I can't go a whole day without overhearing someones drug or sex experiences. Every day.

"Where were you last night,"
"Out behind the old building smoking that stuff,"


"guess who I did last night,"

I've even heard a guy threaten to rape someone.

And this is just in a small school out in the boonies of Maine. I couldn't imagine what it's like in the city.

It sickens me that this is what people have been reduced to, and this is just 15 year olds mind you. Adults can be much worse.

I'm beginning to think that about 75% of todays kids don't even care if they finish school. All they care about is who they're sticking their penor into tonight. Nobody wants to succed in life it seems like, nobody wants an education any more, again, all they want to do is stick their penis into everything they can.

What does this mean? Over the generations, there will be less and less people who make a difference, there will be more violence, drugs, and sex. Something this bad could even bring down a country, and nobody wants to address it. Somebody has to do it and if I'm the one who does, then so be it.

Here are my solutions

1) stop letting the drugged up gangsters of the world talk about how great thier sex life is in song format. Bring up some lawsuites. I would sue every rapper for the corruption of our society and kids.

2) stop teaching 10 year olds how to use a condom in school. You may think it's teaching them to use protection but your not. Your saying sex is good, not having sex is bad, a condom is just an unneeded extra.

3) Crack down on drug abusers. I know it sounds like a hard thing to do but one way or another they need to be stopped.

4) Stop selling games like Grand Theft Auto. It promotes all of the things that I have mention so far, probably more.

5) Teach more effectively so everyone wants to learn.

6) Stop the stupid sex crap on T.V. too. I've counted three shows now where the point of the show revolves around sex.

7) Teach the parents to crack down on their kids. Keep them in line. They are the biggest influence on the kids.

8) in every form of media there is unnecesary use of bad language. This can be avoided.

I cannot tell you how much I am sick of gangsters, sluts, and addicts. They all think they're better than everybody else with their arrogance. It all needs to be stopped. The country will go down the crapper if it doesn't, because when I hear the word "sex" on ABC "family" it has just gone too far. It's like a contest to see who can stoop the lowest, in the media. And for people, it's the one who can be high the most. Every single one of these people need to see a psycologist and get help. Every slut, every gangster, every media person who puts on sex shows, they all need help.

Has anybody else noticed the craziness here, or am I just living in a different world?


  • At 18/9/05 12:31 PM, Anonymous bushhater said…

    I totally agree, just look at the bush family. These phoneys go to church and talk the talk but then you see them on the news drunk and resisting arrest like nephew bush yesterday. george himself has been arrested three times that we know of during his drinking and drugging days. laura killed someone in a car accident while in high school. I could go on and on about these degenerates but the point is the youth today are simply copying the antics of americas first family. Shame on those that keep putting the bush crime family in office.

  • At 18/9/05 2:03 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    I agree with you, Cody. But President Bush and family are not to blame. Putting the blame on him as the previous commentator did is simply his way of furthering his political agenda. We know what Clinton did, do we not? And it cannot be laid at Clinton's door either.

    Your post was not about political parties. Your post was obviously about morals, and it was a good post, a true post, and a very sad comment on the condition of things in this country. Cody, I have to tell you that, minus the drugs, this has been going on in high schools for a very long time. I went to school in Los Angeles in the late 1950's. Before the wacko drug culture started up full gear in the 60's. But it was the same; the boys out for only one thing; bad language; mean and obnoxious behavior. Gangs running around with switchblades and boxcutters, and the girls running around with not only swtchblades and boxcutters, but razorblades in their hair to be used as weapons. Only the exceptional ones, such as yourself, had any ambition. You will make a difference someday. Don't strain your brain listening to "bushhater." Bush isn't the only one he hates. He is filled with hate for all conservatives.
    I don't bother responding to him anymore because he is a waste of my time.

    Keep it up... and do not despair. There are more good people out there than bad ones... it's just that the bad ones make all the noise and get all the attention (the news, because they only focus on the bad). I know not all the kids in your school are focused on sex and drugs. But you sound extremely depressed and it worries me. You probably need to get away from all this for a couple of days and give yourself a break. Do something to lift your spirits.

  • At 18/9/05 2:17 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    Not depressed, I just needed a topic to write about and this came to mind.

    If I sound a little annoyed, I am. These Liberals are annoying the crap out of me. They even get mad at me when I say speak out agains sen. Mary Landrieu for threatening Bush.

  • At 18/9/05 2:27 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    I'm glad you're not depressed! You really sounded like it in this post. They are getting mad at you because they detest Bush. Any time you take Bush's side on anything, you will have to put up with this sort of commentary. There is no reasoning with that kind of hatred. Not all liberals are as unfair minded as some of the ones you are dealing with here. Just continue to post your observations. You do not have to deal with every single person who is hostile toward you. Just ignore them. I haven't checked your profile yet, but I'll bet you that if you were to check it you will find many more people have checked your profile than those who have commented; which means many read your posts who don't comment, so you are getting what you want to say out there, even if you are not getting a lot of positive feedback on it.

  • At 18/9/05 5:15 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    on that statement, if you're a Republican reader, speak up! You are allowed to post annonymously here.

  • At 18/9/05 6:20 PM, Anonymous bushhater said…

    Sorry but im your only reader at the moment. I think your scaring the mainstream repubs away. The things you are calling for violate the constitution and are against the law. Gayle would point that out but she is holier than the the pope right now.

  • At 18/9/05 7:40 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    I am now "holier than the Pope." Wow! If only it were true. Unfortunately, the Pope is so far above us all of us we should leave him out of these discussions entirely.

    Cody said nothing that is against the law:
    "Sue offensive rappers for corrupting our kids." Why not... It's not illegal to sue people in this country. If you can sue someone for being stupid enough to spill a hot cup of McDonald's coffe on your crotch, then anyone can sue anybody for anything.

    "Stop teaching 10 year olds to use condoms in school." Nothing illegal about that. Teach abstinence instead. Nothing illegal about that either.

    "Crack down on drug abusers." Unh... I think using drugs is what's illegal here.

    Stop selling games like "Grand Theft Auto." Now that would be wonderful, but I have to admit it gets a little hairy, Cody. It comes under "free speech." Unfortunately, free speech has been turned into "anything goes."

    "Teach parents to crack down on kids and keep them in line." Although Cody wasn't very specific here, I don't believe he was saying to beat the crap out of your kids, or lock them up, or not feed them. I believe he meant to pay attention to what they are doing, and to take priviledges away from them when they disobey the rules. Instead, many parents just hand out cars and money to get their kids out of their hair. And also unfortunately, many parents are drug users/peddlers themselves.

    "Stop the stupid sex crap on TV."
    If only!!!! Once again "free speach" bites us in the butt! The only way that can be done is for the people who own and run the stations to begin to care more about the morals of this country than making a buck. (Looks pretty grim, doesn't it?)

    "Avoid unnecessary use of bad language in the media." Certainly it is not against the law to do that, but here we have to go back to that being in line with the morals of the owners and producers of the media. Since their only moral is to make a buck, I don't see it being a possibility. We can choose to switch the channel. In today's world, that's our only option.

    I may have gotten a couple of the points you made out of the order you posted them in, but they are all there. So, since I went through all of this detail by detail, I have to admit that on a couple of points, the above commentator has made a point: We can't go against the free speach law. I would make use of his name, but as I find it as offensive as bad language, I refuse to use it. Of course, conservatives being offended by what he calls himself is exactly why he uses it. And he likes to force us to use it. It's his own little private joke. I no longer give him that satisfaction.

  • At 18/9/05 8:02 PM, Blogger Tara and Walter said…

    (Tara here.) Atheists and liberals and drug addicts have managed to corrupt society to the point where a 15 year-old student is about to the point of tearing his hair out. Then liberals come on to his conservative post and further the insult, trying to drive him away from posting.

    You liberals take the cake! Exactly why you can't post on our blog. And when a conservative Republican attemps to open up dialogue with you that is not hostile or contemptuous, you call her Holier than the Pope! I have been to Gayle's blogs. Both of them. Unlike you, she is trying to be fair-minded. But there's no way you are going to understand that because you don't know what it means!

    Seriously, why don't you go post your hostile crap on your own blogs and leave Cody alone? It won't happen will it? You are having too much fun with this, aren't you? You aren't doing a thing to further the cause of liberals anywhere, and because Cody is a high-school student of high moral standards, you only come across as a total bully. I know your type, and you stink!

  • At 18/9/05 9:58 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Cody, on Let Our Voices be heard Kirk made a comment in answer to your comment. He is wrong. Hassert will not become President because he is not the Majority House Leader. First of all, if Bush were to be impeached (and he won't be) then Cheney would be up next. If Cheney were to be impeached, then Tom DeLay would be up next because he, not Hassert as Kirk stated, is the Majority House Leader. Although I posted this already on my blog, I want to make sure you see this. When Nixon was impeached, his vice-president, Agnew was impeached before him. After Agnew, Nixon was impeached. The next president of the Unites States was Gerald Ford, Republican, Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. It was worked out that way because the House of Representatives is made up of Representatives of the people who put them their, and in this country at least, the majority rules. Republicans have control of both the Senate and the House. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

  • At 18/9/05 10:06 PM, Blogger BushCheney08 said…

    yeah, I got a webcounter for my blog so it shows how many people visit. you should get one too.

  • At 18/9/05 10:43 PM, Blogger Allisoni Balloni said…

    Much of what you are upset with has always been occuring. However, the times continue to change and society continues to accept more and more. There have always been people that do bad things, and there always will be. It sickens me, as well, as my peers show up drunk at football games and school dances, and fall asleep at school because they're high. But I don't think that those situations are at all new. It's reality that we face more of that both as we grow up and as the general public becomes more lenient on that behavior. Personally, I do not drink, I do not have sex, and I do not do drugs. However, I do watch television shows such as "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex in the City," which I suppose to you would be completely inappropriate. It is fine if you think that way, but it is my choice to do that and it is my choice whether or not I imitate what I see on TV. Being 18, the situation is slightly different, as it is now legal for me to smoke, have sex, etc., but because I have amazing parents, I do not participate in those things. (Smoking is the most horribly repulsive thing EVER. I wouldn't criticize having sex over smoking, as smoking KILLS PEOPLE and in most cases, sexual activity does not. Anyway...)In my opinion, poor parenting is completely to blame for many of the problems you speak of. Parents in our generation are no longer doing any real parenting. They leave their children to babysitters, don't set curfews, and aren't involved in their lives at all. Now, that is not the case for all parents. However, it is now MUCH more common than it used to be. My parents know where I am and who I'm with 98% of the time. If they don't, that's when I am to call and tell them. I know that if I did anything wrong, I would get in trouble. Why? Because even if my parents didn't know what I was doing at the time, they would very quickly find out. The job of a parent is to protect their children. Not only to provide them with their basic needs, but to make sure they aren't exposed to and picking up negative behavior. If you don't want your kids to listen to rap, don't buy it for them. If you don't want them to watch suggestive TV shows, turn them off. If you don't want them doing illegal things with bad people, INVESTIGATE what they aren't telling you.

    The thing we have started to ignore in the United States is CHOICE. Much like those that sue McDonald's because they're fat, everyone in this great country has the power to CHOOSE their behavior, and to know all consequences before decisions are made. That brings me to the issue of Abstinence education, which I personally believe is COMPLETELY ineffective. Those who choose abstinence until marriage, in most cases, do so because of their religious beliefs. There is nothing at all wrong with that. But it cannot be assumed that all high school students are making that same decision. I took health for four years in a row. I was taught about AIDS, STDs, pregnancy, and how important it is to speak to a respected adult before participating in a possibly harmful or risky situation. In the case of sexual activity, yes, it is all risky. But it is a personal CHOICE, with known consequences, that an INDIVIDUAL has the right to make. I was never given a condom and told to go have fun, and I don't know of any school with that approach. To inform is better than pretending it isnt happening.

    Again, it very much comes down to parenting. If you don't want your children to have sex, RAISE THEM to know not only morals and values, but consequences. There has to be room to make mistakes, but ther is also room to protect. And that advantage is no longer being taken.

  • At 19/9/05 6:15 AM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    Nicely said allisoni!

  • At 19/9/05 1:15 PM, Blogger Drew said…

    As a father of a 10 year old, I can tell you that bad parenting is the number one problem with the generation that we are raising today. Children learn by example and steadfast support from thier parents. Do I think the media is out of control these days? Absolutely. However, I don't believe that it's the Government's job to police that. It's also not the Government's job provide your child with sex education. That's something that as a parent, you have to make a priority conversation with your child. Abstainance is great and preferable. But those choices and decisions start at home, not in the classroom. And as a parent, you have to realize that children aren't always going to do what you want them to do, even if it's the best thing for them. I would much rather my son, when he is in his teens, would have the common sense to use a condom if he engaged in sexual activity, rather than knock someone up, or worse, contract a STD. Personally, I don't want him to have sex at all until he is either married or fully committed to someone, but I also have to be realistic.

    All of your suggestions seem to run right over the 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights. Yes, even rap music..which in my opinion is far from being music at all, is protected. What then is one to do? It starts at home. It starts by standing up to peer pressure. Boycott products you find objectional. Write letters to publishers, distributors, FCC, advertisers. You may never change the world, but atleast the world won't change you.

  • At 19/9/05 1:19 PM, Blogger Drew said…

    tara and walter:

    Funny that you lump Athiests, liberals and drug addicts all in one pot together... and then on your blog you mention you are Rush Limbaugh listeners. Oxycontin anyone?

  • At 19/9/05 2:22 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    I agree, Drew.

  • At 19/9/05 7:55 PM, Blogger w-dervish said…

    Atheists and liberals and drug addicts have managed to corrupt society to the point where a 15 year-old student is about to the point of tearing his hair out.

    "Atheists and Liberals"? You think those two things go hand-in-hand? Are you sure you didn't mean "Atheist liberal drug addicts"? Surely they are the ones to blame.

    Cody stated that he doesn't believe in creationism -- maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't that make him a atheist?

  • At 19/9/05 8:00 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    No, it means I believe in Darwins theory, it doesn't mean I don't believe in God.

  • At 19/9/05 8:09 PM, Blogger w-dervish said…

    oops, drew already mentioned lumping liberals and drug addicts together...

    I have another question though -- Cody, you say you agree with drew -- in what way?

    I might say that people were to hard on Rush (he was, after all, addicted to prescription pain medication) -- if he wasn't such a hypocrite.

  • At 19/9/05 8:18 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    I agree that the first step to fixing this problem is with the parents. They have control over what they teach their kids, what they watch or listen to etc. and it doesn't violate the first ammendment in any way. It's a perfect solution.

  • At 21/9/05 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Libs are always offended by people with faith in God. Just remember God is more powerful and good than liberals.


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