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Saturday, September 17, 2005

"I'll still punch him"

Just when you thought the buck ceased to be passed, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu strikes back.

Sen. Mary Landrieu refused on Friday to withdraw or apologize for her threat to punch President Bush if he criticized Louisiana officials - despite Bush's magnanimous speech Thursday night and a federal downpayment of more than $60 billion dollars to rebuild her state.

"I do not take it back, I don't apologize for it. I said I would punch anybody, including the president,"

"Though threatening the president is a crime," the Tribune noted - "the Secret Service took it as a joke and the White House brushed off her remarks."

Standing in the Capitol, however, Landrieu made it clear she wasn't joking.

So there you go. She's praised the local and state government, threatened the federal government, And apparently "law enforcement" thinks nothing of it. If it was up to me she would be on the next plane to Gitmo Bay.

This is the last time I will remind everyone why this is the local and state governments fault.

1) The state government did not give permission to the federal government to help before it was too late

2) There were over 1,000 busses not used to evacuate. The mayors best excuse was that he would know where to drive to. How about away from the hurricane for a start.

3) There were no supplies at the super dome.

And for those of you who blame this on Bush read this,

1) every president since 1920 cut levee work funding

2) It's not fair to blame it on him because he had troops and supplies in Iraq. It's not like he knew the hurricane was coming back in 2003.

And yes, FEMA did awful, I'll give you that.

Now that we have that out of the way, STOP blaming people ms. Landrieu, and actually help out.

On a side note, I am done being angry. When I get a death threat from a Liberal, instead of a logical disagreement, it's a sign that I'm doing things wrong.


  • At 17/9/05 6:24 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    Hmm... It looks like nobodies got the guts to stand up for her.

    Does this make ANYBODY else mad?

  • At 17/9/05 7:11 PM, Blogger joe said…

    Yes. It is shameful that she would say such a thing and mean it. She must not be grown up yet! They should give her a pacifier and put her in her playpin. Maybe her diper needs to be changed on a more regular basis.

  • At 17/9/05 7:41 PM, Blogger gameguy22006 said…

    Wow...I'm still amazed at how hateful you are being towards people WHO HAVE DIFFERENT POLITICAL BELIEFS FROM YOU! It looks like this blog can be thrown in with the other mindless, and incredibly disrespectful blogs.

  • At 17/9/05 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Differing beliefs is one thing. Threats are quite another.

  • At 17/9/05 11:23 PM, Blogger Allisoni Balloni said…

    Is it ok to threaten just anyone? If I said "I'm going to punch Joe Shmoe," would that be a big deal? Just wondering. Because she also threatened other people in that statement and you don't seem too upset about that.

  • At 18/9/05 6:35 AM, Anonymous bushhater said…

    Id like to see her try. George may have been a cheerleader in high school but I bet he could still do some damage to little Mz muffin if those two ever engaged in a catfight! I bet uncle dick would step in and help if george needed to take a breather. Now gov Blanco im not sure about. Dont tussle with her mr debutante shes got a bad disposition and shes husky to boot!

  • At 18/9/05 8:00 AM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    "Wow...I'm still amazed at how hateful you are being towards people WHO HAVE DIFFERENT POLITICAL BELIEFS FROM YOU!"

    I'm being disrespectful? I'm just upset over a death threat. If you want to see disrespectful, read the post below this one.

  • At 18/9/05 8:07 AM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Regarding your side-note comment: You received a death threat from a liberal? I didn't see it here, and right now I haven't the time to check all your posts for it. I'm sure you did, but I think it's more than ridiculous. There are a lot of lunatics in this world!

  • At 18/9/05 8:12 AM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    Anonymous said...
    You're pretty much a complete moron. As you advise, it's okay to admit it.

    I hope you stew in your own narrowminded hatred so much that you blow a blood vessel in your brain. Put yourself out of our misery.

    11:38 PM

    ^ this is what I was talking about.

    gameguy22006: stop complaining, I have every right to stand up when someone threatens my president. Don't like it. Too bad.

  • At 18/9/05 8:14 AM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    allisoni baloni said...
    "Is it ok to threaten just anyone?"

    No, it's illegal. But my god does it bug you one bit that it's the president. Or do you just want him dead like the other regular Bush haters.

  • At 18/9/05 11:50 AM, Blogger Allisoni Balloni said…

    No, I didn't say that it doesn't bother me. However, it doesn't, but that's only because lately people have been speaking mostly out of passion and emotion, rather than logic. The situation, however, justifies that. She didn't threaten to kill him, she threatened to treat him exactly the same as she would anyone else--meaning that he IS the president, yet still doesn't deserve to be better than anyone in the situation she was referring to.

  • At 18/9/05 12:03 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    I see your points but the fact is is that she knows it's illegal, she was serious, and she refuses to apologize.

    If anything she should resign.

  • At 18/9/05 12:14 PM, Blogger Allisoni Balloni said…

    If anything, she should continue to do her job, as this country needs more people to speak out about what they truly feel.

  • At 18/9/05 12:22 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    "If anything, she should continue to do her job, as this country needs more people to speak out about what they truly feel."

    speaking how you truly feel is great, unless it's illegal. Would you want a senator saying they would say puch John Kerry if he were president? No, you would want them to resign. Don't side with her just because of political views, she broke the law and that's that.

  • At 18/9/05 2:16 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Cody you were right. "She's broken the law and that's that." If a Republican had said such a thing some liberals would be screaming for blood.

    I turned off the ability for people to comment on my posts as "anonymous." If they don't have the guts to at least use their blogger name, then I don't want them to post. If they are not bloggers, they can post under a phony name. To begin with I don't like for people to sign as "anonymous." It just appears to be cowardly. Secondly, when I clicked onto a link posted by an "anonymous" on My Republican Blog, my computer crashed. Too bad, because I was enjoying a conversation (with a liberal) who signed as "anonymous" and it was going extremely well.

    Re: the death threat. Goes to show his complete lack of morals. Just proves the point of your last post.

  • At 18/9/05 3:30 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    By the way, on NBC last Thursday I saw a reporter interviewing Afro-American evacuees in Houston. The reporter asked several different people, directly after President Bush's speech: "What do you think of the President's speech? Did you believe him?" All of them, without any exceptions, answered that they did. Unhappy with that response, the reporter went fishing. "Well," he asked "don't you blame the Federal Government for the way things were done?" (That's not verbatum, but it's very close.) Again, all responded "no." They said they blamed the state Government because it was the state who was responsible to begin with and the state had failed them. Now I have to apologize for not having a link, but it was on Television. I am going to go search for some proof of it, because I know many will demand the proof. I seached CBS and found nothing. They probably didn't post it because it wasn't what they wanted to hear. Cody, I'll let you know if I find anything anywhere on the web proving this.

  • At 18/9/05 3:57 PM, Blogger gameguy22006 said…

    "gameguy22006: stop complaining, I have every right to stand up when someone threatens my president. Don't like it. Too bad."

    I never said that I agree with her. I'm saying that you're looking totally foolish. But then again, I'm just a Democrat. I'm the scum of the earth, and will be going to hell. So maybe I shouldn't be commenting on these things.

  • At 18/9/05 4:09 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    foolish? Tell me what I'm doing wrong here, I'm really confused.

    Are you talking about this article or the whole blog? Because when I look around, the Liberal blogs are a LOT worse then mine. I've got a few angry post, but mostly intellegent commentary, for Liberal blogs it's just hate, bashing, etc.

  • At 18/9/05 6:34 PM, Blogger Gayle said…

    Cody: It wasn't NBC, as I said before re: the interview of several evacuee's after Bush's speach in Houston, it was ABC. And, if you should be interested go to

    In both cases the articles are on the first page.

  • At 18/9/05 6:53 PM, Blogger Tara and Walter said…

    Hilarious! Gameboy is having so much fun picking on conservative websites that he has no time to write his own blog.

    Just an observation.

  • At 18/9/05 7:27 PM, Blogger gameguy22006 said…

    "Hilarious! Gameboy is having so much fun picking on conservative websites that he has no time to write his own blog."



    I deleted that blog just to make you happy. Have a nice day!

  • At 18/9/05 7:32 PM, Blogger gameguy22006 said…

    Oh, and I appreciate that completely irrelevant comment.

  • At 19/9/05 1:29 PM, Blogger Drew said…

    Funny how Conservatives jump Mary Landrieu's case for saying she was going to have fisticuffs with Bush, yet when someone in the Administration commits a felony... like say... revealing a CIA undercover agent... for some reason, the Republican gets a pass on a 'technicality'. Not to change the subject or anything... but it does seem a little bit hypocritical.

  • At 19/9/05 2:24 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    I'm not hypocritical. I say, if you break the law, you go to jail, that's that. Politics aside.

  • At 19/9/05 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That CIA guy got out of it through statute of limitations.


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