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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Where's Jayson of all people?

It's 6/6/06 and as I suspected, George Bush did not become the antichrist and spread his tyranny across the globe by nuclear warfare. In fact, the only game of global domination Bush has ever played is Risk. I guess that's one more Liberal theory down the hole. But I am a bit concerned about one thing, where's Jayson of all people? Remember, the one who ran a blog called Bush is not the antichrist? He should be having a field day right now, being able to virtually bitchslap Liberals who actually believed Bush was the beast. Well, if he's not able to capture the moment, and prove the theme of his blog right, then I'll gladly bitchslap some Liberals...

(Also, I am working on the post about me, as I promised. I'll have it out tommorow. You'll all know what a Conservatarian is when I'm done.)


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