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Monday, August 14, 2006

1 Year Anniversary of TBW!

Wow. It's been a whole year since I first created my blog, TBW. Over that year, writing has improved, positions have been changed, and debates have been had. And as my blog grows, so does my enjoyment of updating it. While this is a great milestone for me and my blog, it musn't be forgotten how much help I've gotten from my readers, and my friends.

I still can't belive it's already been a year, I should feel like a professional blogger or something. Instead I feel like it was yesterday when just started out by posting neoconservative talking points straight from other pundits. But no matter how I feel, the truth is, my blog has been successful. I frequently update with posts and they are read by approximately 100 people. And again, it's you I have to thank for that.

If you're a long time reader, try checking out the better wing archives and read some of my classic posts. And again, thanks.


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