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Friday, June 09, 2006

A day for Celebration!

Good news everyone, raghead #2 is officially dead! We dropped a 500 pound bomb on Zarqawi's Arab ass! Today and for days to come we should all celebrate this country, it's military and it's leaders in this great success in our war on terror. All of us, both Republicans, Democrats, or whatever else should celebrate now that we are all safer from terrorism, our military is safer from terrorism, and the whole globe will now be a more peaceful place. Today is a checkpoint in our war on terrorism, we're now at a point where success is getting closer and closer and we all should celebrate.

I'll tell you how I'm celebrating. First, I know I have been very critical of the Republicans lately, but because it was their leadership that helped in bringing down this raghead, I've got to cut them some slack. Lets be honest, what they've helped do has made the world a safer place. Sure, I still wish they'd stand up against illegal immigration and government size and budget increase, but for at least a few days I can appreciate them and the good things they've accomplished. So in honor of them, I once again don my Republicans kick ass shirt.

But this is more than just politics, our whole country should be singing "America, f**k yea." The tune from Team America; a movie I just love. In case you haven't seen the movie or heard the song I'll post the lyrics, and I promise I'll censor the f-bombs so you don't get too uncomfortable...

America, F**k Yeah lyrics
America...America...America, F**K YEAH! Coming again, to save the mother f**king day yeah. America, F**K YEAH! Freedom is the only way yeah. Terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer to, America, F**K YEAH! So lick my butt, and suck on my balls. America, F**K YEAH! What you going to do when we come for you now? It's the dream that we all share; its the hope for tomorrow, F**K YEAH!
McDonalds, F**K YEAH! Wal-Mart, F**K YEAH! The Gap, F**K YEAH! Baseball, F**K YEAH! NFL, F**K, YEAH! Rock and roll, F**K YEAH! The Internet, F**K YEAH! Slavery, F**K YEAH! F**K YEAH! Starbucks, F**K YEAH! Disney world, F**K YEAH! Porno, F**K YEAH! Valium, F**K YEAH! Reeboks, F**K YEAH! Fake Tits, F**K YEAH! Sushi, F**K YEAH!Taco Bell, F**K YEAH! Rodeos, F**K YEAH! Bed bath and beyond (F**k yeah, F**k yeah)Liberty, F**K YEAH! White Slips, F**K YEAH! The Alamo, F**K YEAH! Band-aids, F**K YEAH! Las Vegas, F**K YEAH! Christmas, F**K YEAH! Immigrants, F**K YEAH! Popeye, F**K YEAH! Democrats, F**K YEAH! Republicans (republicans)(f**k yeah, f**k yeah)Sportsmanship! Books!

Take that Zarqawi and your buddies!

Everyone have a happy Zarqawi's dead day, I'll see you all real soon because that post about me is still coming...


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