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Sunday, June 25, 2006

McCain is...right?


At a speech to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the Arizona Senator who is usually called a RINO, is trying to sound like the only real Conservative in the GOP. In his speech, senator John McCain preeched Conservative values that the Republican party has seemed to have lossed, claiming that, "Republicans intent on safeguarding power in Washington have drifted from the values of the Reagan presidency and ushered in an era of reckless spending and government growth that threatens to drive them from office," McCain said.

In his speech he made it clear that Republicans have lost many of the values of the Reagan legacy by increasing the size in government and spending too much. The senator said, "Why has our party, the party of small government, lately adopted the practices of our opponents who believe the bigger the government the better?"

Normally, I would be in support of someone who has Conservative economic values and moderate social values, and is a strong follower of Reagan values. If I had forgot McCains' past, I would support him. If I didn't think he was playing politics, pretending to be Conservative, just as Hillary Clinton pretends to be moderate so he could get more votes, I would support him. Too bad I think a little deeper than McCain wants me to.

I would love to see Republicans find Conservatism again, even if McCain has to help them do it. But that doesn't mean I would ever vote for him. Because I can't forget. I can't forget his stance on torture which makes sleep deprivation torture, making it extremely hard for us to fight the very war he supports. I can't forget his bill on immigration; crafted with Ted Kennedy, that only makes it easier for illegals to cross the border. I can't forget his bill on campaign finance reform that restricts your freedom of speech.

Sure, I'm glad John McCain is trying to get the Republicans back to their Conservative routes, but when I remember his stances in the past, and the fact that he's playing politics, I can't support him. It doesn't matter how similar ideals we share. He's been wrong on too many important issues, he's made too many terrible bills, and politically he's conducting the BS express so he can be president in '08. Him pretending to be a Conservative is not going to gain my support.


  • At 25/6/06 6:49 PM, Blogger Mary Ann said…

    Nah, this won't change my mind on McCain, either. I think he's just trying to get the bid in '08 anyway. And THAT would be really bad. My first vote: Hillary vs. McCain. AK.

  • At 25/6/06 8:23 PM, Blogger Robert M. said…

    McCain is slightly off. See Reagan cut costs but NOT on the military. Actually Reagan built up the military. So I'd say his analogy's off.

  • At 25/6/06 8:33 PM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    Mary Ann said...
    "I think he's just trying to get the bid in '08"

    I agree. Not even John McCain can get away from the fact that he wants power, and will play the "please the most demographics" game to get it.

  • At 27/6/06 2:32 PM, Blogger Old Soldier said…

    Very good article, Cody, very perceptive. McCain is no more "conservative" than Hillary is "moderate". Both are posturing for a run at their respective primaries. It will cause me great political anguish if McCain wins the GOP primary.

  • At 28/6/06 1:22 AM, Blogger Gayle said…

    All of the comments are right on. I wouldn't trust McCain as far as I could throw him. Actually Cody, I wouldn't trust him that far.

    You just gotta know that he sees the way things are going and is simply "playing the game" same as Hillary Clinton is. They show us who they are when the change positions suddenly. They follow the polls and it's really obvious.

    I'm glad you see through him. :)

  • At 28/6/06 10:57 AM, Blogger Cody O'Connor said…

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Just so you all know, I went back and added to this post some, it should make a lot more sense now. Plus I fit in some of the points you guys brought to me.


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